Manchester Libyan Infidel Attack Address

Justice shall prevail!

Hi Everyone,

A suffer and sorrow a coward infidel have left the greater city of Manchester to deal with and as we move forward we must seek justice that we owe to the victims and their families and the city and nation, and if we don’t do this, the ones plotted and manipulated the atrocity will get away with a heinous crime, that The God, Allah ordered to be a crime with magnitude of evil and violation that is equal to the one of killing 22 times of entire humankind population of innocents, and that is why we must work harder to bring the ones manipulated the atrocity to justice due to the size of the crime, which if we don’t establish justice on, we will face catastrophic consequences threatening more innocents. The God, Allah said in relation:-

[ Whoever kills a soul unless for a soul [legal capital punishment for murdering innocent soul crime] or corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had killed all humankind. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved all humankind. ] 5:32

Also, the manipulation of the atrocity is a crime that is worst than the former of killing and The God, Allah said in relation:-

[ Causing enmity [ Using different means including spiritual and devil manipulation of people perception towards events which rages people and leads to atrocities ] between people is worse than killing ] 2:191

On the 22nd of May 2017, a coward Libyan infidel attacked Manchester in a contrived plot with his associate homeland Libya and detonated a bomb, which he devised with aid from Libya, in the UK targeting innocent children, youngsters, adults and elderlies and killed 22 innocent lives, in time when they went out for an event expecting another normal day, not knowing that the heinous infidel plotted beforehand to make it their last in life and a memory of suffering and sorrow to many.

During the attack, I was a mile away and I never expected while going out for a meal, to be close in proximity to any atrocity, I was shocked, I couldn’t sleep as the news updates unfold over through midnight, I was terrified and concerned, and during the atrocity, I addressed and expressed my feelings in a poem and message of hope to myself, to the victims, to my city and the nation and the future.

In the address, I deliver the message which I recorded 2 years ago in May of 2017, where I only today had the chance to publish it and here it is the transcript:-

During the attack night, I couldn’t sleep, I was feeling scared, anxious and paranoid,
my heartbeat went rising and increased in result,
suddenly I felt I cannot breathe.

As I read more news and as we get closer to the morning through midnight,
and as I find more sickening and appalling remarks,
as I learn about that little 8 years old girl,

my feelings resembled in one and gotten severe,
and the more I read the more I cannot breathe,
perhaps I cannot bear such atrocity or maybe,
I am having a heart attack yet I hurry up,
to my phone aiming to call the ambulance,

And in that moment I remembered that little,
and precious 8 years old and the 21 victim lives,
was terrifyingly stolen away, I just felt embarrassed,
that my life is not important than theirs, that I will,
increase pressure on the hospital while praying all night,
that the responsible to be not Arab nor Muslim I thought to,
stop reading news for a moment as the last alternative,

I went to bed hoping to be able to breathe normally and between,
fear and hope I went asleep, I woke up in the following morning,
to find shocking news that is talking about someone who has familiar,
surname, someone who I and he grew up in the same community, whom his brother,
was my classmate, someone who I have seen months ago in a bus yet,
never thought in the slightest that he would commit such atrocity,

I was hoping to have a peaceful start of Ramadan yet brainwashed,
completely lost and a misguided killer had murdered 22 lives from our,
city, the greater city of Manchester, that I and he and everyone came,
to his last horrifying end of terms which he defined without telling us,
heinously, while I was hoping that maybe there are pieces of evidence or other facts,
that Salman was perhaps a mere suspect yet as we move forward my hope vanishes
as it seems to me he is responsible, I have lost that hope,

I merely had because he and I grew up in the same community, so at least he must be,
a decent person, I just wanted to find an excuse for someone who the destiny of the universe,
determined to connect with me during my childhood, and as days pass I found how pathetic I was,
I have completely lost the hope that he was maybe innocent, consequently, I had several hopes,
a hope to bring whoever took part in this atrocity to justice, hope for injured and families,
affected to be healed very soon, hope for the ones passed away, that the Almighty,

and the Entirely Merciful, to relief them in Paradise, a hope for a better society,
and communities, that prevents and deter whoever dares to cause such atrocity, nonetheless,
my prior hope for Ramadan, that has approached today yet has not vanished, and as people from,
all over the globe remarkably started accepting us as Muslims but not terrorists, tolerant but not,
intolerant yet, another evil motivated tried to set us apart, yes true there is big problems,
needs to be solved but let’s remember to not allow fear or terror to determine what we do next,

let’s draw a clear plan with a vision that let our diversity thrive culturally and religiously,
surely with safety and integrity, lets all welcome Ramadan, the month for us Muslims to practice,
positivity, for ourselves and people around us, thus contemplate and tolerate, forgive and seek
forgiveness, that is steered by fasting and as we, it reminds us day in and day out to do so.

I hope you get it is message and lets with hope and positivity welcome Ramadan in few days and make sure to bring the responsible to justice as for 2 years and counting, till today the ones manipulated and plotted the atrocity has not been brought to justice yet, and we have to do this, to keep our nation safe and secure from any threat or more atrocities.

We must never allow people with such ideologies to stay among us, our United Kingdom it is not for anyone plots murdering and killing innocents not just in the UK but also anywhere in the world and thus for Libyan dual citizenship holders, we must send them back to their country of origin and for natives, raise their awareness to respect the right that everyone has to live.

In The Holy Recitation (The Quran), The God said:-

[ Malignant individuals are for one another ] 24:26

They are for one another, in essence when one chooses who he or she wants to be in such context where freedom is a right oneself is entitled to yet, likewise an innocent from one other spectrum whereby may find it difficult to deal with a person who chooses to be malignant, thus have the right to not live anywhere near them where such who chose to be malignants influence or behaviours or activities may cause negativity or harm to the innocent in any shape or form, therefore whenever there is a just chance to keep those who chose to be malignant individuals contained in one place away from non-malignants, We must seek it and enforce it with all what we have and yes it resolves the root cause issue which leads to so many atrocities, where those who didn’t deserve nor were competent nor qualified to exist among innocents managed to exist and had the chance to commit an atrocity likewise in this appalling infidel attack.

Let’s bring those plotted and manipulated the attack to justice to let the power of hope to prevail.


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