My Official 2017 Address

Addressing the concern!

Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing very well.

Well, our lovely planet witnesses a scary cold war and ordinary people are scared and in fear of an endless carnages of a worldwide scale to start, therefore I have sincerely crafted a message addressing the concerns, which a little bit of dedication, to be released and published as an official address on the new year of 2017 evening.

Today marks the 31st of December 2016, which happened to be the very last day of the year, that to some was a great year yet, to me it was the least happy year, I have ever lived in my entire life. So there was something in mind, asking are we simply approaching a new year, a better year, a better year than the previous one, or we approaching a worst another year. Well, throughout today and our experiences we will try to find out the answer to our question.

In provision, around 3 PM, I went to the city of Manchester and mingled around the town hall to find a decent spot where we can record a video, in where the celebration that marks today will be held, fireworks and people from different backgrounds and cultures will be gathering there and so to be among the mass celebrating a new year as well as to find an answer to our question.

Finally, around 11:59 PM, broadcasting right in front of the town hall, in the city of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. While hoping that everyone is having a fantastic new year, while all positive hopes, celebrations and fireworks, and all people from different backgrounds and cultures, come together and celebrate with hope for a better new year, where it’s undeniable the past 12 months of 2016 was the least happy by average.

People hoping that the coming 12 months, of 2017 to be a joyful, eventful and better to live yet, hoping cannot do and cannot make a change but, actions could very well make an effective change and while some concerns are rising, that rather than approaching a new year, this time we are approaching something different, like the third world war.

If anyone has studied history, can tell what’s happened prior to the first and second world war to some extent is similar to what’s happening now, in the world, which is a cold war, that gets intense day by day, and tricks people every now and then like in this celebration, that everything will be alright, and then out a sudden, very out of control a worldwide carnages sadly starts and this time, it will not be like previous ones, as it’s going to be the most dreadful one. Obviously due to the possession of the very capable mass destruction weapons by very major conflicting countries and hope that this year will not be a time for the third world war, will not make a change, we have got to stand up, we have got to bind together. Everyone should go to people from different cultures, make them feel safer while we are closer, let them know that we are all in it together.

Imagine if it happened, a third world war, imagine countries get wiped off, in an instant, I know it doesn’t really make sense right? but let’s put it clearly, imagine people of countries die, inhabitant, animals, all the things, hard work, science discovery, everything gets wiped off and there will be no second chance for us to fix anything, it will be for us the end, that’s it human, we are gone, it’s not desirable isn’t, so let’s make a change this year, let’s connect with everyone that we know, to aim make a change so to guarantee a better new year.

Let the power of hope to be prevalent.

Thank you.


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