I Will Be Strong

Yes You Can!

Hi Everyone,

2 years ago things didn’t work very well as it should be, and I didn’t have resources to figure my way easily, and I like never before felt very weak and incapable yet I had my ultimate faith in Allah and never worried and I was inspired by a motivational talk to raise my esteem and morale, I wrote it and recorded it in free speech, which I will include its transcript and link to the I Will Be Strong recording at the bottom.

Before that, I would like to address an important point, that while we are all celebrating in the past festive times, while we are eating food, drinking, perhaps sleeping in our houses on a cosy sofa, there are thousands of heartily broken, financially struggling, healthily suffering, amazing unfortunate people, stranded in streets in this cold winter.

As you can all see there is something we must and should do, to end the homeless crisis, and in an attempt to do so, I promoted The Homeless Period in the address. It is a registered charity organisation, which provides shelter to homeless people free of charge in the UK, so let’s unite together and end the homeless crisis by donating at

Hopefully, my little address has raised your awareness so you do something in regards soon.

Last but not least here is the I will be Strong transcript.

— I will be strong and very strong, I will not listen to negative thoughts Even if I’m homeless, Stranded out in streets, running out of money. I will not listen to negative thoughts.

— I will not listen nor follow in the path that leads to the feelings which say I’m worthless or weak and I will just be strong.

— Destructive criticisers, all you who have surrendered to negative thoughts, consciously and unconsciously.

— Please stop your negativity because I will be strong and I will not hate you.

— I will treat everyone from deep of my heart nicely, I will not seek appreciation nor smile nor a word of Thank.

— No matter what, I will just love every single living being, and that is why I will just be strong.

— I will be strong in the face of the world sadness, I will not surrender to its anxiety and depression.

— And I will just be strong. I will be resisting iteratively until I find happiness and successfulness.

— Where I treat hate with love, destructive criticism with an open mind, harshness with softness, negativity with positivity and I will just be strong.

— All worth it, when you find the end of your path, to happiness and successfulness.

The End.
I hope you have enjoyed and see you soon in another motivational talk.


|074141||074141||074141|Yes You Can!|074141||074141|We all go through tough and hard times, and most importantly we recover stronger and sometimes we don’t recognise we can do that unless we were told so, and this talk does just that.|074141||074141||074141||074141||074141|

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